Thursday, December 29, 2016

RE: what a christmas present

So good to hear from you!  Your vid was posted on Facebook.  Glad to see you are doing well and I can't believe you'll be home soon!  What?!  Anyway, I wish our family could be at your homecoming, but we're going to be there for Zak's wedding and don't have the moolah to do that again a month or two later.  Keep up the good work and finish strong!  Love ya tons! … you are still in all of our prayers. 😉




what. i was transfered. literally what is this. SIX WEEKS IN JARDIM DO HORTO AND IM LEAVING WHAT THE HECK PRES.

ok. I'm sure theres some wise purpose in all of this. Also I'm not fancy enough to stay in this fancy area I'm heading to an area thats like all the others I've worked in so thats ok. Also the neighboring area is MY CHILD SISTER GANUZA im very ok with that very much i will see her all the time this is great. 

what else happened this week? skype happened. so like. my family knows im alive

they complained that i never say my companions name ITS BECAUSE IT CHANGES SO FAST I FORGET LITERALLY IN 15 MONTHS I HAVE HAD 14 COMPANIONS so yeah but my new companion is Sister Rocha which means rock so thats cool. I think she's from São Paulo but im not sure i dont remember but tomorrow when i meet up with her I'll ask ne? yeah. it'll be a good time..

literally i dont know what else to say like you know what happened this week NOTHING because there were a million things to do so we didnt work

EXCEPT THAT WE DID BECAUSE CELIA GOT BAPTIZED AND THAT WAS SUPER COOL. she was so excited!! her husband is inactive, right? and he's always like "well my filosofia is different now so i wont go to church" but then he comes because celia is coming and its hilarious because very clearly she is his weak spot. also he's coming around. he was super excited for her baptism but didnt want to admit it hehehe

yeah thats basically my life i guess idk emailing after skype is always super hard love you all i promise i just used all my words yesterday with my family

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