Monday, April 11, 2016

The week NOTHING went as planned

so this week I literally have nothing to write because we didn't get to work :( My companion got like suuuuuper sick, so all together we had 9 lessons this week...and the goal was almost 30 so that wasn't good!

BUT in terms of new news I'm in a trio until the transfer next week! Sister Benevente from Mexico. She's literally the cutest person I've ever met. She is in an area really close to ours and her companion got transfered without her, so she's staying with us and when a member can go out with her she works in her area but when she can't, she has to stay with us. Literally the most annoying thing you can do to a missionary! But she's tons of fun, and its been good to have her around. When our leader called to ask for our numbers, all 3 of us were feeling a little down because our numbers this week were HORRIBLE so she started a food fight with our sausauge and cuscuz so that we wouldn't stay sad. I would send a picture but I forgot to take one. Also she taught me spanish! Turns out my spanish accent was even worse than I imagined. Thank you Quincy Junior High.

BUT we did have one success this week!!! One of my favorite members of the ward-Dyane-has a little brother (he's 21 lol) who wasn't a member, and she's been trying to baptize this kid for years now and guess what we did this saturday!!! He went to buy a suit this week because from now on he wants to go only in a suit and its kind of adorable because he's super excited. The funniest thing is that he's kind of super shy, and at his baptism someone stood up in front of everyone and wouldnt stop talking about how she think's he's cute so clearly all the girls here will like him and it was clear that he was getting embarassed, poor thing.

I'll try to accomplish more this week so that next week I have more to say ;)

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