Monday, April 25, 2016

The week I forgot how to speak english

Oh my goodness. So I made fun of Sister Davis a ton because when she speaks english she still says her r's like portuguese and its ridiculous and I was like "its impossible to forget english. you cant do that." and then Nycole asked me to teach her to pray in english and I completely and utterly failed. She wanted to say "nos te agradecemos por estar aqui todo juntos" and I was like "well its not we thank thee for to be here, that doesnt make sense. we thank thee for being here? no thats that God is here not that we're here. We thank theebecause we're here together? no..." and finally I gave up and my companion taught her because she still speaks english fluently. I'm still not exactly sure what that should be. I hope that on my first sunday at home no one asks me to say a prayer.

This week was SOOOO HOT and since we're trying to find a ton of new investigators, that meant less teaching and more walking and we got super lost in a sketchy part of town so that was fun. But luckly you just have to say "where's the street São Fransico de Assis" and everyone kind of knows where it is. Or they tell you how to get back to the church. Since everyone knows where it is, why don't they all visit??? But also sometimes they think we're Jehovah's Witnesses and they give up directions to get there and we get more lost. Fun times.

sister Ganuza is super cool and adorable. She's from california but everyone thinks she's from Peru because she's hispanic. No one believes her when she says she's american and she doesnt speak spanish. People keep trying to speak to her in really poor quality spanish.

THIS WEEK ALL MY RECENT CONVERTS RECIEVED THE PRIESTHOOD. Literally that made me so happy. Vinicíus can pass the sacrament now. 

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