Monday, March 13, 2017

Satan tried to mess with us BUT HE FAILS

omg this week we were trying AGAIN to move because our house is horrible, like, let me explain to you guys what our house is like. there are 3 bathrooms.

bathroom 1: the shower and sink is broken, there is no toilet seat but the toilet works 100%

bathrom 2: the shower kind of works but only if you leave the water super weak because otherwise it shoots out water in every direction other than like, at your body. mostly just at your face. and the whole bathroom. also there is no light. but the toilet works 100%

bathroom 3: the shower is perfect, the light works, but the celing is caving in on us and the toilet doesnt work very well so what you flush always comes back

And like, its a problem in the whole building so repairing just ours wont do anything, this building just isnt very good. so we found a new one. SO QUE everything is going wrong and no one that needs to do things is doing anything so all our stuff is in the new apartment except for us and our mattresses because NO ONE WANTS TO TURN ON OUR ELECTRICITY.

So the whole week we barely worked well because we were all trying to resolve these problems and people were getting mad at us and everyone was super stressed out and ALL OF OUR COMMITMENTS FELL THROUGH EVERY SINGLE ONE.

So we were all really stressed out thinking what on earth were we going to do to prepare ourselves spiritually for the coming of an Apostole that would happen this week because we didnt even have desks to study or like, anything really just mattresses but even so we did everything we could to study all the talks they gave us and read everything they told us to and everything turned out alright.

So. Elder Christopherson came and it was beautiful. Literally I have no idea what to say other than that it was amazing. He left time at the end to answer our questions and HE ANSWERED MINE. Like. I raised my hand and asked my question and he looked me right in the eyes and answered and like WHAT. Literally I never felt so nervous but also good in my entire life. I could really feel that when he answered me, it was literally God's answer for me. And when he bore his testimony I'd never felt more certain of anything in my entire life

I'll tell everyone more about that when I come home. I'm out of time and also I have no idea what to say I'm still prossessing everything but in short a real apostle of the lord came and spoke to us and shook the hand of every one and then answered MY question and told me that God is satisfied with my work. I never felt so good in my entire life.

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