Monday, February 20, 2017


alright this week was super cool. first of all. sister mazetto and sister custodio were out of the area and our credits ran out so we couldnt call anyone and we had no idea where lunch was. so i was like alright we're gonna pray and eeverything will work out AND I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF SAID PRAYER LIKE I SAID "PLEASE HELP US FIGURE OUT WHEREE LUNCH IS" AND THE PHONE RANG so i was like clearly god is good and i ended the prayer super fast and it was the member calling to comfirm lunch and basically god is good

then we had like, a really hard week where everything was falling and nothing seemed to go right and we got to church on sunday and we found Wilson, a very old man who walked into one of our lessons in the middle of the week and we thought he hadnt even understood anything, you know? but he was there with bishop when we got there and bishop told us that he said "those girls were in my house and they told me if i prayed and asked god if what they said was true id feel good and i prayed and felt good so im here." and he went ON FOOT like with a walker and everything and he doesnt live that close and we were just like wow. 

Then Marcos showed up. Marcos investigated the church on the internet and showed up to see. he said he loved the message of the restoration and is excited to learn more.

and then Marcelo showed up. Marcelo is super busy all the time, but he felt that he needed to leave more time for god in his life because somethings missing so he started visiting a bunch of churches. and didnt like any of them. so he came here. and he said he liked what he saw so much (looking online) that he made a promise with god that he'll be here every sunday for a month to see if this is really what he wants and he promised to make time for us to  meet with him too. wow.

basically this week was proof that miracles are real when you belieave and also when you work y0our butt off so that something can happen. like. our goal was not to get these specific people to come, you know?but god blessed our efforts and 3 people we werent even teaching showed up and now we're teaching them. 

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