Monday, January 9, 2017

im famous

alright so we didnt work this week because my companion had worms which was fun. literally worms is the worst thing ever if i ever get worms pls kill me.

BUT at the end of the week we managed to go out and we visited like all of the members who thought we were mad at them because we werent visiting anyone....oops. but we visited everyone and now they all like us again #success. and on sunday we found  A TON OF LESS ACTIVE MEMBERS THAT STILL HAVE TESTIMUNIES WOOOOHOOOOO for sure they'll become active again!! this ward is really needing that right now so it'll be good for us.

what else. oh. last monday i went crazy.

like, I was getting so ugly I'm not a pretty blonde and my hair was not looking too great after 15 months in brazil

so i chopped it all off.

and died it red.

and so today this dude stopped me in the street and was like "wow youre pretty are you brasilian is this your natural hair wow omg wow" and i was like "um no tchau" and he was like "oh its because im a photographer and im doing a project on redheads from alagoas(the state im in)" and basically my companion almost died laughing

and people keep staring at me. like. they already did. but idk. maybe i shouldnt have done this. 

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