Monday, October 10, 2016

Noah's party boat

Oh my goodness this week. So first off, as always, we cut a tooooonnn of people this week. This is Sister Monteiro's last transfer so we're really feeling the pressure to work hard and BAPTIZE this transfer, so we just don't have time for people who haven't made up their minds yet. so we're doing a lot of like, leaving tons of people, then after a week going back and seeing if they missed us and yeah.  unfortunately lots of people dont seem to miss us. BUT Nayara brought us to a few friends of hers and they all seem SUPER INTERESTED and loooooved hearing about the restoration. And now that we're working thE ENTIRE CITY (its a tiny city so whatever, I thought it was big because its divided into like 30 parts but each part is like 2 streets so its cool) it's gotten a little easier to talk to people. Our part was the part below-no. the low part? the short part? idk the part that isnt on the top of a hill. and it has a lot of commercial stuff and not a lot of people. but now we're working in the high part too WHICH HAS PEOPLE OH GLORIA. I am enjoying my "new area" which is not in fact a different area.

But anyway. So. we had so many plans sunday morning to bring TONS OF PEOPLE  to church TO HEAR THE GOOD WORD OF GOD, you know, as you do, and then SATAN had to go and ruin it all (just kidding i think this one was not satan, but you know, you never know). On Sunday a very hilarious thing happened and by hilarious I mean horrible. You see, our washing machine doesnt drain like a normall washing machine does-with a tube that goes right into the thing where water goes idk how this works. Ours, we just stuck the tube in the sink and the water goes out into the sink, right? just that overnight while our stuff was washing, a washcloth fell into the sink and blocked the drain. so. all of the water ended up in our house instead of in the sink where it should be. So we woke up at 6:30 am with freaking Noah's ark in a sea of all our stuff. My bible went swimming!! 

Thankfully the water didnt reach our suitcases or any electronics or our very limited supply of book of mormons. But it did kill several letters, the latest liahona (a church magazine), and temporarily took out of commission ALL OF OUR BAGS so on sunday we went proselyting with nothing because everything we owned was full of water. Why.

Thank goodness we dont have carpet.

BUT anyway. Other than the great flood here in our horrible house in Sao Miguel Dos Campos, our life is pretty good. We're trying to use those two general conference talks about missionary work to help the members help us more, and it's going pretty well. I love the prophet and apostles. Thanks for helping me out, guys!

Yesterday was cool. We held a family home evening in a member's home and watched Joseph Smith: prophet of the restoration. I highly reccomend this movie, I love it. Seeing the process of the restoration and all the challenges that the early saints infronted, it becomes a little more real. Then everyone talked about their experience with how they got their answer, and the spirit was super strong! I hope our investigator felt it too! 

Anyone who doesn't know if they know if the church is true, if the book of mormon is the word of god, STUDY ABOUT THE APOSTASY AND RESTORATION AND PRAY ABOUT IT. It's the best way. I've been thinking about this so much lately-as my emails have shown. So often we focus on like, deep doctrine, or on the stuff that we don't "agree with" and we start thinking that we don't believe in the church, but NONE OF THAT MATTERS. What matters is if Joseph was a prophet. He was? Alright then the rest is true.

We're teaching some recent converts that have their doubts about lots of things, and think that in order to get an answer you need to like, fulfill a bunch of requirements and go on a scavenger hunt and that's not it at all! you just gotta ask.

GO WATCH GENERAL CONFERENCE ALL OF YOU. there were several talks about this!!

love you all!

pray that we get to move pls i hate this house

go watch movies about the restoration its a good time (not just because thats all we can watch)

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