Monday, August 22, 2016

look who's writing this week

Ok. I guess I owe you all an explanation as to why I havent been writing...its because I had no idea what to write about since we weren't really teaching...

Here, when your companion is going home and you're their last companion, we say you're killing them. And wow killing people is hard. I don't like killing people.

We spent the last 3 weeks in going away parties, spending time with all the members because they were all so sad that Domingues was going home, trying to figure out how to get money from her mom since she lost her debit card, making all the plans in the world to get her to the airport, and then more going away parties, interviews with president, and then STILL saying goodbye to all the members. IM TIRED. Oh gosh when I go home I don't want any of that. Like, members, if you wanna say goodbye to me, show up at church my last sunday because I imagine my companion won't have the money to take a bus to every member's house. But I'm set to stay here another 6 weeks with Sister Brito-who literally just left São Miguel so thats weird that she's already coming back.

Anyway, this was a really fun transfer, but like, not that great for missionary work. I mean, we had 3 baptisms, but all 3 were eternal investigators, not people that we found ourselves. So. Its time to get to work.
yeah so basically i have nothing else to say...I took some AWESOME pictures but it was on someone else's camera so who knows when ill be able to send them home haha

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