Monday, August 1, 2016

10 months, 20 years, and 3 cakes.

ok. this place is not letting me send pictures. BUT. at some point. you will recieve pictures.

 IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY also my mission aniversay (10 months down!) but IT WAS MY BIRHTDAY

and my lovely companion and roomates made me a cake THREE TIMES. I was not expecting that.

So they all woke up early and I somehow did not wake up even with all the noice they were making, and they put pillows under the blankets so it looked like they were still there, and when i woke up and opened the door and there they were with pancakes with sparkler candles and cameras and i was very much not pretty so thank you for the warning girls.

then we went about our day normally and there was going to be a broadcast at the church, cool, so like, I showed up at the church and lo and behold another cake (it was delicious.)

and then at the end of the day I came home and took a shower and as I was leaving the shower they showed up with yet another cake.

I am getting fat here in Sao Miguel.

but yeah. it was a good time. my birthday was also a BAPTISM DAY. Itamy is a recently-returned-member's husband and it was super cool to see how much he changed because when I got here, Angela talked about having an eternal family one day and he just made fun of her and was like "forevers a long time why do you want that" but now he's all about that temple sealing. He was super excited to be baptized and that his whole family can go to the temple next year and it was awesome, and Angela was sooooo happy. <3

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