Monday, June 6, 2016

THIS WEEK PEOPLE SENT ME EMAILS so i ran out of time because i got distracted

SO. what happened this week?


well. we had 5 children come to church this week. FIVE. and 3 of them want to be baptized. but cant. because theyre children. SO we need to convert literally all of their parents asap.


send me things

i got a letter this week and i nearly cried.

Sister Taylor Steele
Brazil Maceio Mission
Av. Dom Antonio Brandao, 333 Sala 402
Ed. Work Center Farol
57051-190 Maceio-AL

SEND ME LETTERS. i tell my best stories in letters because i have more time (and no one can get scared because its clear that im still alive ;) )

and yeah

thats it today

because im already out of time and still have a bunch of stuff to do

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