Monday, June 13, 2016

the diarrhea highlight

This week, very randomly, I developed an incredibly strong craving for a few things:
  1. Buid a Bear
  2. skittles, jolly ranchers, airheads, star bursts...all the candy that doesnt exist here
  3. minecraft
literally i didnt even play minecraft much. I'm not really sure what was happening this week. but seriously. I just. Want to play minecraft. So much. What is wrong with me??

but yeah. so.

the best thing that happened this week was diarrhea. that was the highlight of our week.

monday started out well because we managed FOUR LESSONS from 6-9 which is like completely impossible and unheard of, like usually we're lucky if its 2, and we found 2 super likely candidates for baptism this month.

but then tuesday happened.

I was working a little in Piabeta on tuesday, and my day there was like
  • get lost
  • get super sunburned
  • get more lost
  • teach a lady about how cheating on your husband is not of god
    • said lady was just like "i dont believe men are capable of that"
    • and we were like "ummm yes actually they are"
    • and then she proceeded to say lots of very strange and gross things
    • and we were just like please stop
  • get more lost again
  • go home
  • it was great
but sister ganuza was here in santos dumont. and her day went a little like this:
  • a lesson with a once super excited and cute daughter of an inactive member went horribly and no one in the family wanted to talk to her
  • the other super cute daughter of an inactive member was like "hey my mom said your not alo
  • wed to come back and im not allowed to ever go to church ever..."
  • another child of a less active member was like "hey maybe ill go to church" and then his mom was just like "but these missionaries suck they dont visit me" and she was like "well....youre never home when we mark with you...and you dont want to go back to" and it all went very strangely and awkward
  • a once less active member who is coming back to church now was like "hey im sorry i didnt go to church. i had horrible diarrhea"
    • and sister ganuza was like "wow. why"
    • and his sister in law was like "literally why did you say that you could have just said you were sick"
    • and then he was just like "no you dont bad it was really bad."
    • and everyone was just like "wow stop talking"
    • and this was like, the highlight of our week
the other days were just filled of parents saying that their kids are grounded so they cant go to church and were like "how is that going to help anything?" and others saying "wow my kid is horrible he didnt go this week" and we were like "yeah but hes reading his scriptures and going to havent gone to church in your whole like i dont think you can judge your child for not going once" and them just being like "no. hes the worst sinner. ever. he wont go to heaven"

so yeah

pray for us.

BUT its ok because we talked to this one mom who her 8 year old son is a member but she isnt and she said "hey, this church is really important to my son so i want to learn more, since he likes it so much it has to be good. also we pray together every night because he said that is good. also we read the book of mormon together every night. Wow. I love my son." and our faith in humanity was restored because YES THAT IS HOW YOU SHOULD REACT TO SOMETHING THATS SO IMPORTANT TO YOUR CHILDREN

So that was cool.

And basically we need new investigators. And we need to like envoke celestial help with all of these parents.

and diarrhea is hilarious.

Livre de vírus.

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