Monday, June 20, 2016

Festa Junina!!

This week's highlight is definitely the brazillian equivalent of the harvest festival. or like, midsummer festival? wait but its winter here...i dont know. Festa Junina! 

Literaly EVERYTHING was made of corn. EVERYTHING. I sent my mother photos of things but now I cant find them on this maybe she'll post something who knows.

But yeah it was fun! There was lots of square dancing and corn so me, the midwestern child that I am, felt right at home. I didnt realize how like, corny, the midwest is until my companion was just like "this is weird, at home I never ate corn ever it doesnt exist in California" and I was just like !!!!! "but corn bread. and corn on the cob." I asked her what veggies her school lunch always included and she was like "carrots" and I got so confused. all through elementry school it was literally always corn!

But also. Sweet corn. like i mean desserts made out of corn. corn and coconut and cinnamon. That doesnt sound like it should exist.

basically thats been my week

I thought fireworks were something like, fundamentally american cuz boy do we like explosives. and then i came here. wow. EVERYONE HAS FIREWORKS ALL THE TIME. But president said it might be a little less soon because they got stricter on the rules. from now on no one under the age of 5 can buy explosives. HA. There are some parts that we're avoiding a little these days because there are random fires in the middle of the street...strange.

Basically. thats brazil right now.

Next week I'll tell you about Joseph! He's getting baptised (probably) this saturday!!

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