Monday, May 30, 2016

perfect investigator is perfect

we got the calls about transfers last night and I literally almost cried because I GOT ANOTHER 6 WEEKS HERE IN SANTOS DUMONT WITH SISTER GANUZA. Literally almost cried. I thought for sure I was out and like, I'm tired of getting new companions I just wanted sOME PEACE and since Jesus me ama, we're still together :)

So. Last monday we went back to teach Rafael's mom, and his cousin was there. J listened to the whole restoration and told us that she'd strayed from God a little bit and now her faith was pretty small, but that she would pray and ask for an answer. And I'll admit, at first I didnt really think anything would come out of teaching her. I saw a silly teenage girl with several lip piercings and thought "she doesnt look like a momon, so whatever"

BUT THEN. We went back 2 days later and she was comPLETELY different. She'd already prayed and said she'd recieved an answer that it was all true, so we gave her a book of mormon and she got super excited. Adn when we went back friday-again to teach her aunt-she was super cute and got really excited to show us her book which was completely highlighted and she said "I was marking the things I found the most touching or important, but I ended up marking almost the whole book!!" and she'd already read like, the whole thing. Ok, not the whole thing but  A TONNNN.

So we wanted to teach her again but she didnt want to go to her house because people were drinking and she felt uncomfortable with that, so we took her to the church and showed her the chapel, and by chance like, all the youth were there so she got to meet everyone! So when she went on sunday, she already knew Julia and Rafaela (and I think Rafaela will help her a lot because she's a recent convert who joined the church without her family) and basically everyone 

And since sunday was transfers I was soooo scared that I'd have to leave her, and she was nearly crying thanking us for bringing her to church and helping her and telling us how already in a week she feels a million times better and literally i have never seen such a big change in someone so quickly but its not even surprising because THE GOSPEL WORKS MIRACLES and oh goodness from what she's told us this girl deserves some miracles.

so. basically I just want to talk about her today. We were having a dry spell-2 months without baptisms, almost no one is going to church on sunday, and I was getting really frustrated and then this girl just fell from the skies and I remembered why I'm here. I'm here because the gospel changes lives and helps people put their lives back together and gives them the strength to carry on.

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