Monday, March 21, 2016

the week i didnt tell you guys anything

This week will be a smaller email/not a photo this time haha

So this week sister Davis and I met Cleverton, a member's brother. He told us that he never wanted anything to do with the church but then he had this dream that he was trying to stone 2 old ladies and one of them said "I am happiness" and the other said "I am Christ" and he took that as an answer that he needs to join this church?? So we told him to pray about it and he said he got another answer and he wants to be baptised! 

L PRAYED literally I got so excited. It was funny because she said it super in passing like "oh yeah I prayed so that was a thing, but anyway Im feeling super good today like really good im at peace and I have no idea why cuz nothing got better but I feel good....maybe its because I prayed. anyway.." and we were like wow there slow down lets talk about that for a minute

and like thats basically it this week because the internet is notttttt working well so I dont have as much time today. But yeah. Me and Sister Davis are doing well :) Two americans together is crazyyyyy

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