Monday, March 14, 2016

AHHHHHH SISTER MAZETTO GOT TRANSFERED :( only one together? Totally unfair. BUT my new companion Sister Davis (who is american, what?!?) will get here tomorrow and I know we'll be awesome. Sister Mazetto (good luck oh goodness) is opening a new area AND training at the same time. HA. But I know she can handle it.

This week the main highlight was that Valmir got baptized! Teaching him was an interesting experience given that he's completely deaf. But this guy is soooo good. Since he can't hear, he studies more than anyone else in the church, and he's super sick right now but when we asked if he wanted to wait until next week to be baptised, he said "what and listen to the devil? heck no! I'm being baptized now!!"

Then there was the lesson with Stefany and Cleidiane that was going SO WELL until a drunk man with two large raw chickens showed up and wouldnt leave us alone. "I want to fry my chickens!! And you little chinese girl won't let me? How dare you. Let me tell you, people here are way nicer than you, you [swear word] go back to china" (he said to my very much brazillian companion). Thankfully Pedro was with us to make him go away/scare him off/make sure he didn't beat us and the other two girls with his raw chickens. That was quite the experience. Nothing like a drunk racist man shoving raw meat in your face...this always happens during the 1st vision. I dont think I've ever managed to teach the restauration without something crazy happening. #workofthedevil

I don't really know what else happened this week because I didnt get to work :( We did splits and I stayed in a member's house because I managed to hurt myself and couldnt walk well BUT im all good now so its ok

Anyway....good luck to me and Sister Davis! I'm Senior Companion now O.o

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