Monday, February 22, 2016

This week I have one main highlight I want to talk about. WORKING WITH MEMBERS BRINGS MIRACLES. So the last girl I mentioned last week, we've been teaching her for 3 weeks now. She had to run away from home and her old church excommunicated her for kissing a boy outside of her church-and when you're excommunicated no one can talk to you for 6 months. Which means that while all the horrible stuff was happening at home, none of her friends listened. They pretended she wasn't even there.

Sister Mazetto and I were pretty desperate to get her to come to young womens and meet the girls and help her feel like God loves her, but with just us calling her there she didnt want to. So we enlisted the help of the members and got her to come to an fhe with a ton of the youth. the next day she came to Nycole's baptism and the day after that she showed up to church!!  She literaly already seems so much happier I can't believe its the same person! We weren't even thinking of inviting her to be baptised because all we want right now is to make her happier but she's talking about being baptised!! 

I'm like so out of time so next week is going to be like last week was because that was so much easier but here's Nycole's baptism!!  

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