Monday, February 8, 2016

The week God dropped people from heaven to meet us.

SO. This week me and Sister Mazetto managed to land 4 people with a baptismal date. Ingrid was the first one, and teaching her was soooo cool because she started to say "oh I already was baptized" but then we asked her to say the closing prayer and we all knelt down and she started crying and we were like "what's wrong?" and she says "no I'm not sad, I feel good, but I don't know what this is I've never felt this before. I'll be baptized." and we're like "well daaaaaang, you got your answer without even praying??? That happens?".

The second was Nayara, who was super cute and said "if I heard there was a prophet today I'd come running!" and of course we're like "well then have we got the message for you!"

The 3rd was a re-marked date of an investigator Sister Mazetto taught already. We asked her whats stopping her-she already knows what she should do-and she says "you're right, I do know" and accepted.

The 4th was also a re-marked date and similarly accepted.

But the best thing was Saturday. Sister Mazetto and I were a little lost, trying to find the house of a less active member and we went a weird way and nothing was making sense, when someone started shouting at us like "heeeyyy hey you guys" and we got a little afraid

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