Monday, February 1, 2016

#knighthood and lady gagas everywhere


So all last week I was wondering what kind of jedi I was going to be like-If I'd be like Obi-Wan and immediately get a padawan after ceasing myself to be a padawan, or like Anakin and stay with my master forever and ever after being knighted or what, but instead of either of those things, I got transfered waaaay to the other side of the mission-other state-and my new companion is someone who arrived with me, so we're both super freshly knighted and now we get to work/learn together :) I'm using star wars lingo but no, we don't actually call it that here lol. In mission lingo, I'm "leaving my mom" and the area I "was born in". But I like star wars more.

Its the start of carnaval which is certainly interesting. The past few days it was SUPER HARD to work because, as usual when a holiday comes, no one was sober. Also everyone was in drag? I don't really understand why. Everyone kind of looked like Lady Gaga this week. And when everyone looks ridiculous and you look normal, you start to be the weird one! Like being from the districts and visiting the Capitol in Hunger Games.

And as seems to be the theme of 2016 this year, again I don't have much to say about the work. Nothing happened really. So lets talk a little about Brazil!

We always eat lunch in the houses of members, and without fail every single day it's: pinto beans, white rice, spaghetti-all eaten together for some reason. Why spaghetti AND rice? No idea. But its good. Everyone always makes super fresh juice of fruits I still don't know the names of, and I'll definitely miss that when I go home.

Also everyone here is obsessed with mayo. I already told my family this, but literally I've seen people eat it by the spoonful. Or eat rice with nothing but mayo for flavor. And on pizza. Though the time I saw someone eating Saltine crackers with ketchup was almost weirder.

All the houses here have an outer gate with security spikes on the top, or broken glass or barbed wire, or in our case an electric fence. Seriously, when the Zombie Apocolypse happens we all need to come here.

I'm leaving tomorrow and have to kiss the beach goodbye (not that I can go into the beach or go swimming or anything but its gorgeous to look at) and I'm a little scared for the lack of wind I'm headed for!!

Anyway yeah, so I'm already almost out of time because aparently the time limit changed from 1.5 hours to 1 hour??? I didn't see this anywhere but that's what my comp says so?? Tchau?

Next week I'll be emailing from a new area (I can't even remember where I'm going...its a good thing other people are in charge of my travel plans)

Tchau tchau!
sister steele

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