Monday, January 18, 2016

the week there was nothing funny to put in the title

I met our investigators!!!!! Well, at least 2 of them. One turned out to not want anything at all so I never met her. But the other two-a mom and daughter, Luciana and Rafaely (or something like that, who knows, I can't spell in english what makes you think I can spell in portuguese?). They're awesome. Rafaely is 13, and every time we come she's read the panflets we left and is excited to hear more and just generally excited and adorable. Her mom has been keeping commitments, is always willing to hear us, and ever so slowly is believing what we're teaching. We're trying to involve the help of members so they feel comfortable coming to church and start off right away with friends to help them out and everything. Time to work SUPER hard so that these ones stick! They've had a lot of really stressful things in their life right now, and its just the two of them and their dog so they've really been feeling the pressure and Luciana has been feeling a little bit alone. Thankfully we've got a message that can help with all of that!

The only other thing worth noting this week was the surprise 2nd Zone Meeting (normally we only have one per transfer) and the 2nd surprise-that President Gomes showed up! Yikes. Nothing like having the mission president watch your teaching practice O.o But it went well! He told me and my companion that we balance out nicely because I'm aparently a giant softie and she, as the people of the south always are, is so direct she's almost scary-but in a good way. And then we walked home-which took 2 hours!!!?! About half an hour of that was because we stopped to eat but oh my goodness??? We left before 4 and got home just past 6. I can only imagine how we must have looked to everyone around us though-our entire district, 10-12 people (I think 10 but also might be forgetting one group of elders) marching along all with corndogs and coke in hand, all in dress shirts and ties (well not me obviously). Quite the site I'm sure. When giant groups of missionaries get together, that's when we look like a cult. Or at the very least crazy. But its funny, dress shirts and ties aren't even formal anymore, that's daily dress! That's normal! What are jeans?

OH AND WE GOT WATER. President Gomes came by to deliver a bebedor (what is the name of those things in english?) so FINALLY we got to buy one of those 20L jugs of water and literally I almost cried I was so happy. WATER. WE HAVE WATER. I nearly hugged the water guy-which would have been quite awkward and also breaking a rule

I tried coconut water this week! You can buy whole coconuts for 2 reais on every street corner almost. 25 cents per coconut! I thought of my dear brother and laughed while I drank.

So super short this week because, well, nothing else happened. But all of you should respond anyway so that I have something to do during our 1.5 hours of internet time. It's only been 3 months, you're not supposed to forget about me until roughly 9!!

Love you all!

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