Monday, January 4, 2016

The week I learned a valuable lesson in "tempting God"

I've always firmly believed that God has a sense of humor (because what else would explain so much of my life?) but know I know for sure. Everyone here puts pictures from the Liahonna on the front of their daily planners, and two weeks ago was the start of a new transfer so I made my planner with a picture of the pioneers because they're always an inspiration to me in perserverance and finding joy in the journey and stuff like that, right? And I thought to myself "I'm so tired of walking and we don't have clean water and my back hurts from carrying around all the copies of the book of mormon and panflets, I totally understand how the pioneers felt" which point God chuckled to himself and said "are you sure of that?" so he made us walk 2x as much as usual, took away our water for 2 days, and gave me some sort of flu for 2 weeks. Straight out of Oregon Trail, like "sorry, little Johnny has died of dysentary".  I learned my lesson! I don't understand how the pioneers felt! They had it way worse than me!

But things are on the mend, and we have water again (albeit, still not clean water) so I can't complain ;) 

We had to walk a million times more than usual this week because the districts got shifted around and now our district meetings are in another building that's 15-20 minutes away by car, so it's a little bit distant on foot. 

This week as well, the inevitable happened. We lost every single investigator this week. Some, I totally believe that some day they'll want to be retaught. Others, who knows? But regardless, it won't be us. We had roughly 8 people. None of them were progressing and a few started running from us. So I don't have much to tell you all this week! Street contacting isn't that exciting. 

But we're working hard to find new people :) When the sons of Mosiah were about to give up-when absolutely nothing was going right for them, that's when they were just about to hit it big and find crazy amounts of success. So I'm going to take this as a sign that we're about to find a family of 10 that all want to be baptized ;)

We're still working a lot with inactives! Still working with "grandma" and the family, and we have several other families now. And keep discovering more! So there's still work to be done. There's always work to be done!

2016 will be my year! (It better be since its the only year I'll be here!). We're going to work even harder than before to find the people God wants us to find. 

<3 love you all!
-Sister Steele

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