Monday, January 11, 2016

The Week I Apparently Speak Spanish

So the highlight of this week was splits!!! I love splits because we get to know different missionaries and different styles of teaching and different areas as well. I spent 24 hours in Aeroclube with Sister Saturnino, who I discovered is a clone of a high school friend Liv, except, you know, Brazilian. (I can hear the exact response Liv would give. Those of you that know her will know as well.) SERIOUSLY THOUGH they have *super* similar personalities and mannerisms and even look somewhat similar. 

We made it a party since Sister Dias joined us for the night as well, by making french toast (and with maple syrrup!!!! oh how I've missed you) and watching a movie, but it was Sister Gonzolas's (how do you spell that?) movie, and she's from Peru so it was all in spanish. But I understood almost all of it?? #trilingual did you guys know I speak spanish too??

I tried cevada (I'm like 75% sure thats the right word and not the word for beer) this week. Its some kind of barly drink, I think, but not alcoholic (don't you guys worry). It smells IDENTICAL to coffee and everyone says it tastes almost the same, but a little sweeter and oh my goodness I want more. Missionaries here use it as a substitute for coffee when investigators have problems with the word of wisdom,and its delcious. But it looks identical to coffee so drinking it was really weird.

Supposedly we have 4 new investigators, but I haven't met any of them yet. Why is no one home???

Almost every night this week I've dreamt of the zombie apocalypse, the one exception being when I dreamt I was back in NNHS in Mr Joyce's latin class, and I needed to go to the bathroom but he wouldn't let me if I asked in english and I couldn't remember any latin so I asked in portuguese and he yelled at me in italian for pronouncing something wrong. Stress dreams? No idea?? 

Sooooo yeah that's really it. Hopefully this week I meet the people Sister Pereira found during splits?? Supposedly we have 4 investigators who all agreed to be baptized! The work will move forward!!

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