Monday, January 25, 2016


Okay, first things first. Last week was the longest week of my entire life, and the reason wasn't stress or anything out of the ordinary-it was that we weren't really working. Not that we weren't working or that we stayed in bed all week, of course not! But we weren't trying our hardest and as a result nothing was happening. This week we got back to work as usual and the week flew by.

This is my last week of training, which is weird. The padawan is about to become a Jedi Knight. 

So the important thing: we had an investigator come to church!!! This is always the thing we have the most trouble with, and as a result hadn't had someone with us in 2 months O.o but yesterday Irani came to church!!! I'm convinced she'll be baptized because everything has just went too perfectly not to. Well, not perfectly, actually the opposite-she's super hard to teach because she works so much she's never home. But when we talked to her the first time, we lost her address so we couldnt find her house and thought all was lost, but then we randomly ran into her in a place we normally never go! And then again after a long time of not being able to talk to her, we ran into her on her way to work and that's when she said she'd go to church. Fate wants us to teach her clearly.

The other highlight of this week I'm sure a lot of missionaries will write home about, was the conference/transmission with the 12 apostles. Our zone met up to watch it, and it was really good. Elder Bednar spoke a lot about teaching techniques and how a lot of the time we as missionaries talk too much and need to ask questions instead, and let the people we're teaching answer for themselves if they're feeling the spirit or if they got an answer to a prayer, because if they can realize it for themselves it will be so much more powerful for them. Talk with them not at them. There were lots of other things, but this was what I walked away with the most. 

Now the funny: this week we taught this woman and after the whole thing she tried to put her hands on our heads to give us a blessing that God would help us find the truth and escape the mormon church, so that was interesting! We politely said no thank you to the "blessing" so she said a prayer with her hands hovering over our heads and then said "God will reveal to you the truth". Thanks lady, but he already did ;) I wouldn't be here if he hadn't!

loooove you all. miss you all. <3<3 hugs from Brazil,
sister steele

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