Monday, December 14, 2015


WE DID IT (well no, God did it but WE DID IT). Yesterday "grandma" came to church. I was quite relieved because all the members talked to her and said how glad they were to see her there again and how they hope to see her again next week and like me too, members, me too. I hope this continues! She's not always the happiest of people, but I've seen her grow happier as we've been working with her and I know that will continue if she keeps coming.

Other than her...again, a bit of a dry week. EVERYONE LEFT TOWN. We didn't get to work with any of our usuals because no one is home! Not sure if its for the holidays or what, but we've still got a while before christmas so I hope they won't be gone until then!

But it was also a dry week because we didnt have quite as much proselitismo time because of the christmas conference WHICH WAS A BLAST. We were there literally all day, watching videos, seeing baby pictures of everyone that remembered to send them, and the "talent show" that lasted a million and sixty years. The Sister Training Leaders grabbed Sister Dewey and I and some of the hispanic sisters from our arrival group and said "so we're going to sing I Feel My Savior's Love in spanish, english, and portuguese. you don't get a say you're coming" so that happened. it was fun! Both Sis Dewey and I laughed and said that if they had asked, we would have said no so its a good thing they didn't ask. The mission is 100% outside of your comfort zone 100% of the time, so like what did we have to lose, I guess. 

We had a reunion of the "deer in the headlights" missionaries-meaning Sister Dewey, Sister Ruiz, and me since we're the only new americans and had a good half hour of rapid speed english spewing out all the things we've been wanting to say but couldnt and it had the theraputic effect of screaming into a pillow, so that was good. Our companions kept coming over and saying "speak portuguese!!!! stop it with the english!" and we were just like "tchau" because oh my goodness was that needed. I miss english. so much. Eh, not english so much just being able to comunicate /exactly/ what I'm feeling with all the nuances of idiomatic expressions.I think all of our egos have taken a beating this month. BUT eventually we swiched back to portuguese and several people told me my portuguese is actually really good #egoboost

That's pretty much it...we did lots of street contacting, I complained about the heat, we taught a few lessons that /maybe/ will lead to new investigators but maybe not, quem sabe? I saw lots of (albeit silly) tender mercies of the lord this week. Like how my one tube of cookies seemed to last 3x as long as it should (2 loaves and 7 fishes, anyone?) or when I spent ALL WEEK saying that I needed to read "His Grace Is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox and on friday felt a little nudge to look through the huge pile of ensigns again and BEHOLD there it was. I'm also counting it as a blessing that my conversational portuguese is still struggling because in a week Roberto and Matteus will see Star Wars and have promised to try to spoil every single part for me. They even threatened to learn english just to spoil it. But considering how much portuguese I know in 2 months with total immersion and the missionary mantle aND help from god on my side, I figure I won't be in this area by the time they figure out how to spoil it in english. Dorks. They keep getting into Star Wars v Star Trek or Harry Potter v Lord of the Rings fights. is it irony that in those moments I quote Twilight by saying "IM SWITZERLAND OKAY?" (though sorry Matteus Star Wars definitely wins)

We said Tchau this week to my 1st (well, 3rd. don't worry Elders Hyland and Fonicello you guys count too) District Leader. He's heading home to Porto Alegre. I told him to watch out for Sister Grubbs and Sister Johanson if he sees them.

Also I tried tapioca for the first time. With ham and cheese? I definitely thought tapioca was only eaten in pudding form not like some sort of weird taco, but it was good! 

That's about it! Love you all! EMAIL ME. <3
Sister Steele

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