Monday, November 30, 2015

week 9

Olá todo mundo! Como vocês estão??

This week was cool! On wednesday we did splits with the sister training leaders (which I quite enjoyed in part because Sister Lopez is american so I got to have a normal conversation again!!) and I feel like I learned a ton from her. She and I made TONS of street contacts that day, and taught a few lessons to. She didnt baby me at all, in fact treated me as though I'd been in the field for ages and ages already. Normally in a lesson, one missionary will be talking and just signal to the other that they should take over. They don't plan who will say what/when. So I just about croaked when she signaled that I would be teaching the first vision. What??? Me??? How?? But I took a leap of faith and accepted her challenge, and it went perfectly! Teaching that part felt realllllly cool and really powerful too. After that, she did the same with various other parts and wouldn't let me get away with not talking to someone she talked to. I feel that I grew a weeks worth in that 6 hours with her and am ready to face all the challenges ahead of me!

After that day, Sister Pereira has been doing the same thing. Just passing the baton to me, never when I'm expecting it and things have been going awesome! I'm quickly learning that I know way more portuguese than I think I do, and if I just open my mouth without thinking beforehand what I'm going to say, the words will flow naturally.

We got a new investigator this week! Valessa. Sister Lopez and I talked to her during splits, and the next day I brought Sister Pereira over to meet her and we started teaching right away! Things are going really well with her, and with our others as well! Matteus is progressing really quickly! We have one investigator that was going to be baptised last saturday, but he canceled at the last minute. Cold feet. So we're going to try to focus on him a lot this week to figure out what it is thats holding him back, because he wants to be baptized and he *knows* everything we've taught him is true, he's just afraid of the commitment. 

I find it really funny how, with this nametag, lots of people are actually afraid of me. Like there's this woman we pass on the street every single day that goes out of her way to avoid walking near us, like walks across the street until we're a good distance apart and then crosses back, staring at the wall to avoid making eye contact with us. Never before have I had people try that hard to not talk to me! 

sorry this is so short again! I keep forgetting my outline. Next week I'll be sure to tell you all more :) 

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