Monday, November 23, 2015

Olá tudo mundo!! 

So, last week was almost only street contacting but this week we had LESSONS. Lots of them, actually. As part of training, we watched the district videos about finding people to teach and felt that we needed to be a little more assertive in our teaching-teach people immediately, not just wait for them to say we can come back. So we did. We worked hard to talk with people not just at people, and to testify from the beginning and dang did that work. We have 5 new investigators now, 4 of which have a baptismal date and only one of those was a referral. 

I'm contributing in lessons! lessons with real people, not instructors pretending! Seriously, this is so cool. To think that 8 weeks ago I spoke literally zero portuguese and now I'm here, talking about peoples fears and problems and doing my best to help them. I dont always understand /everything/ but I understand enough, and every day I understand more.

Its basically as hot as the surface of the sun here, but I've found I dont really notice during the day because I'm so busy talking to people. And everyone here hugs everyone so like, sorry to those who have hugged me for the smell I can only assume was disgusting, but all is well! And to think all of you at home are freezing right now, and I'm showering twice a day. 2017 better be a killer winter, I'll have earned it. Though maybe I wont be able to survive a killer winter after 1.5 years of this!

The members here are great, so willing to help us. Especially 16 year old Roberto, seriously the kid is a goldmine with referrals-investigators or less actives. He's a way better member missionary than I ever was! I hope to come home and be more like Roberto. 


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