Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 3 where I learn to be brief sort of‏ (Sister Steele)

 Last weeks email felt like a downer! Im sorry! I promise it was a
better week than that. So. This week I'm going to be brief for once in
my life. FINALMENTE this week it hit me that my bad attitude (sempre
dizendo "não posso fallar português") was killing my progress so I
stopped complaining and BAM instant portuguese. My district named me
"most improved" and both teachers expressed how impressed they were.
Friday and Saturday Sister Madarani was in doctors appointments so
Sister Jones was with us as a trio, and none of us were expecting it
so we were in the middle of our lesson with "Valmir" Sister Jones
knocked on the door and just barged her way in because she had no idea
how to explain the situation in portuguese, and I was so impressed
because I was laughing so hard but Irmão Oliveira never broke
character! Our lessons have been going SO MUCH BETTER THIS WEEK
because for all of last week we taught exclusively from a script, but
this week we had our scripts covered up the entire time and taught
much better lessons actually. "Valmir" asked us to explain Lehi's
dream to him and we were 0% prepared for that and yet the lesson
actually went better than any lesson we'd done before! Our instructors
have been really fun this week, especially Irmão Tavares (he was Yago
if I didn't explain that well and now he's "Rosmer"). He taught us
head shoulders knees and toes and then we played a very dangerous game
of "batata quente " (hot potato) in which I nearly killed Sister Jones
and nearly peed my pants but its all good! We also started TRC this
week which is teaching members, and I was so proud of myself I managed
to share personal stories IN PORTUGUESE without a script. It was good.
It was really good actually. And tuesday we did an english fast
meaning only portuguese all day (or most of the day at least) and I
was impressed at how well I managed to communicate in portuguese (also
I learned words I never would have before for example cocô de ave is
bird poop). A FEW GENERAL STUFF I WANTED TO GET IN so the building
literally doesnt have a back wall for some reason, so the hallway in
the back was FILLED with the biggest caterpillars ive ever seen, like
2x as big as ive ever seen but apparently those were small. And
apparently the huge roaches ive seen are small too. yayyyy. They made
us move from floor 3 to floor 4 (and here the ground floor is 0 so its
really floor 5 ew) which used to be a mens floor so its got all these
signs like "elders, please dont pee on the floor" and "no being naked
in the hallway". The girls floor didnt have those signs and yet we
never seemed to have those problems...just saying ;) Our instructors
are all super fresh off the mission so they're literally 20-22 which I
think is hilarious. AND THE RING THING so here in brazil, a silver
ring on your right ring finger means youre in a serious relationship.
gold on the right means engaged. when you get married you move it to
the left. boys too. so all our instructors are engaged but our
"investigators" are married so they always switch their ring (as if we
actually would notice) to stay in character. Personally I think this
needs to be a thing in Utah because my dating life would be much
easier if men had engagement rings too and also I just like it its
cute. OK LOVE YOU ALL BYYYYYE thanks for your emails! Sorry the enter
key isnt working again :) <3 -Sister Steele

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