Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Arrived here in Sao Paulo safe and sound at 6 am this morning. I think I may have slept hour tops, so in 10 hours when I get the sweet release of sleep I dont think i will have been more excited ever.
The keyboard is suuuuuper weird so forgive me if I dont use punctuation. Im actually not even sure where the apostrophe is and theres a whole extra row of keys so I keep hitting the ] thinking its the enter.
SO quick update on how the day went! No one was on my chicago flight, but when i got to atlanta i was greeted by 8 or so dweeby teens in suits and a handful of sisters as well, and more and more kept coming. We had at least 16 of us by the end. Everyone was giving us such strange looks because clearly none of us knew each other since every five minutes there was another round of introductions and the flight attendants were like /really, another one???/ (also where are the quotation marks I havent found those yet either). It was an awkward first hour or so but after that everyone started warming up to each other. That is also my district, so its a good thing we actually started talking to each other.
10 hour flights overnight in a skirt?? Not fun. Never again. Or at least, you know, until the return trip. Trying to sleep on a plane is hard enough without worrying about flashing everyone. But I was seated next to Elder Matthew Gonzolas who was very excitedly talking about Legend of Zelda so, you know, time passed all right. He was funny and talkative so that helped us kill a few hours before he fell asleep leaving me in the dark wide awake because of all the turbulence the entire flight.
My companion is also headed to Maceio! Her name is Sister Dewey. Poor girls suitcases got left in Atlanta. Theyre supposed to get here tomorrow but still, thats a lot of added stress and mess for the first day! (and what a long first day at that) Hopefully it all works out! shes super cute and super sweet and already better at remembering the key and our meal cards than i am so thank goodness for her reminding me. Shes from houston if im remembering correctly.
Oooh! Our roommates (I cant remember either of their names right now) are super fun, and one of them is from England. Its been fun all day to hear her say things we dont understand, like slang or referencing a favorite shop. Also she brought a Troy Bolton pillowcase so basically shes my hero. And her companion is funny. Theyll make good roommates.
Landing in Brazil was sooooo strange. I mean, Ive been out of the country before but right away Brazil felt /super/ foreign. Also its one thing to be visiting a place thats on the metric system and use a money system youre not familiar with and entirely another to move to a place that uses a system youre not at all familiar with. Someone who didnt speak english took us to an atm and did most of the button pushing for us since it was in portuguese and pulled out 100$ in Brazillian money (cant remember what thats called either....) and I was holding it thinking ?I have absolutely no idea what this is, what can i even buy with this? Perhaps though with Sister (English one???) around Ill get metric down quick. She already confused all of us by telling us it was minus five when she boarded and that "wasnt too cold" (found the quotation marks!), took us a minute to remember thats like 25 F or something.
Thats really it for now! Theyve been going easy on us today because we all look like literal zombies. One sister in my district was flying from idaho and her first flight was at 4 am. The poor girl has slept like 4 hours in the past two days. We will all be better off after a good nights rest. We definitely need it.
Im so anxious and ready to get going though! Im here in Brazil and its time to start actually being a missionary.
Sister Steele

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