Monday, January 23, 2017


alright. so we've been trying a new tatict. tactick. tactik. omg. what. strategy. we are talking to everyone and being like "hey, we're representatives of jesus christ and he sent us here to bless your home" and if they accept and afterwards start asking what church we belong to and when we'll come back we know their interested. but if not, they arent. its been super cool!

one lady cried. like. a lot. because she loved us so much.

another said we were the answer to her prayers and she felt much better after.

and we found lucas, who's best friend is on a mission in japan and he isnt going to his church right now and i left him super curious about why there are so many churches that teach everything so differently if god said there was only one and basically YES NEW INVESTIGATOR THAT TOTALLY WILL GO TO CHURCH

literally, i felt the spirit so Strong when we did this. even with the peoplke that didnt want anything afterwards. i know that we're here as representatives of christ, nothing less, and we're here to do what he would do if he were here, and this is something he would do. literally this is being so cool.

also god loves his children because i tried to call a less active member here in chã de bebedouro and instead managed to call a less active member in canaã which is part of my old área jardim do horto, and he said he'll go this sunday! like, literally that was impossible how that happened. wow am i greatful that i called every single member on our list this week (i called so many people i am so tired of the phone now never again). our phone doesnt work. like, where we are the carrier Claro doesnt work well so NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND US. the secretary gave us a second chip to see if it got better, like, if it was a ploblem with our line but it didnt get any better. we understand everything but we cant say anything most of the time.

what else? idk. this computer sucks. presidente hit me the other day that was cool. not HIT me hit me but like, i said i was going to call lots of people and use all our credits since it was the last day and he hit me and was like "se liga (idk what htis is in english like...get with the program? idk) youve got two chips thats twice the credits CALL EVERYONE" and i was like "well. ok" and used everything.

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