Monday, November 14, 2016

Do I look like a Trump fan?

Alriiiight. This week I don't have much to say like, spiritual or cool stories or teaching because we literally did not work this week. #lifeofanassasin (when your companion ends their mission you're their assasin you kill them and they die)

BUT I got transfered to Jardim do Horto (the chiquest ward there ever was im so afraid also idk the word chique like...fancy? no. its not fancy...idk.) with a girl who just barely finished training SO DUDE ARE WE GONNA WORK HARD THIS TRANSFER. ok. But I actually have no idea who is my companion. Either its an american who was already in the area, or its a brazillian who was i might be opening the area #yikes #whereislunchidk #thiswillbeanadventure

BUT ok. What else can I say? I heard some things about my country oH WAIT LOTS OF THINGS ITS ALL I FREAKING HEAR ABOUT THIS WEEK. I've started telling people I'm Italian just so they stop asking me if I like Donald Trump and stop showing me the American Horror Story Donald Trump memes. Literally. Every single member has asked me what I think of Donald Trump and as a missionary, we're not supposed to talk about politics (I learned why when I almost started a fight with an american elder who is a super trump fan, jk i didnt start a fight but like we definitely argued for a good half hour during our district meeting on whether or not trump is an idiot...which was then followed byl my lz saying "wow steele, i could have sworn you were a trump fan, you look like the kind of person that would vote for trump" and I was just like ???

I think I'm not supposed to talk about politics in my emails either but like, I'm making an exception today because this entire situation is hilarious and also horrible. Clearly the 2nd coming is on its way because I think this election was a sign of the times.

anyway. what else happened this week? I got really good at solitaire while my companion packed her bags and went on a tour of the area to say goodbye to everyone...i bought all new shirts because I'm heading to an area super close to the president's area and its a chique area (what is this word i swear im not kidding) and all of my shirts were so ugly they all turned orange from sun screen SO yeah.

We painted a house this week! the three of us and our dl and his companion and it was of course, hilarious. How Thamires trusted us to paint her house I'll never know, but it all worked out. But the baby painted himself when we werent looking...

also plot twist this transfer the assistants to the president aRE SISTERS. This literally does not happen. Sister Mazetto (my 1st companion in santos dumont) is assistant to the president. what the heck??? there is also assistants elders. so. like. this is weird. but lots of things happened this transfer and i think president was like "oh my gosh im so done with all of you people im changing everything" because the lidership changed, and like almost everyone was transfered EVERYONE which is not normal and on top of it all, SISTER ASSISTANTS???? unheard of.

I think thats it. This was my week....woohoo....

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