Monday, May 23, 2016

Sister Ganuza fell that Sister Steele might be (2 taylor 2:27)

SO. First of all, thank you all for finding my last email entertaining. I too am literally still laughing about it.

So this week we didnt manage to teach Rafael again, but we met his mom and his aunt and it turns out that they were almmmmmost baptised already but never were, and they were exinvestigators in a different area so we never would have found them without this whole mess since theyre not in our area book and basically god works in mysterious ways. SUPER. MYSTERIOUS. WAYS.

Also wednesday was literally the perfect day EVER. 5 lessons with members present, and we grabbed adresses of 15 people in the street aND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM PROMISED TO GO ON SUNDAY AND ALL OF THEM WERE SUPER INTERESTED??? that doesnt happen. also all of them were also with a less active friend when we talked to them-who then said please come to my house and we were like 'of course??!?'. perfect.

but then #mylife sister ganuza fell and hurt herself, like the ugliest knee ive ever seen in my life, and it started getting swollen and she couldnt walk well so I got scared that she'd like, actually hurt herself not just scraped, and so i called the president's wife and she says "go to the doctor' and i was like ok sure and then she says "and your heath? how are you?" and i was like "well my stomach's been hurting this week but i think its just stress whatever" and she was like "go to the doctor" and so the sister training leaders called and took us to the doctor and i spent the entire time saying that i didnt need to go because it was just stress and then it turned out that i've got an intestinal infection #woohoo so i guess its good i went to the doctor?

in short, sister ganuza fell so that i would call sister gomes and go to the doctor. thank you sister ganuza.

and yeah thats all i have to say this week #wedidntworkhalftheweek #thehospitaltookforever

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