Monday, May 2, 2016

Hearts of Gold and Thighs of Steel(e)

ohhhh my goodness
so I forgot my outline so again, this week will be short but OH MY GOODNESS IVE NEVER BEEN SO TIRED IN MY LIFE

this week EVERY REFERRAL WE GOT WAS UPHILL. Like super uphill. Like you stand at the bottom of the hill and look straight up and cry a little and it takes a million years to get to the top. and then you get to the top and the house is actually down hill from there...which means on the return ITS STILL UPHILL. Oh my goodness. Every day me and Sister Ganuza get home-and we live on the 2nd floor so there's stairs there too-and just collapse on the floor like NEVER AGAIN WILL WE MOVE and then we get more referrals and oh look theyre still uphill lets do it again WOOHOO.

my companion is in the field 2 months and this week she got THREE CARE PACKAGES and EIGHT LETTERS and everyone in our zone was like "I'm already here a year and in one day you got more than I have in my whole mission". Thankfully she's sharing her reese's with me. I already ate mine....

An investigator taught us to make dream catchers this week! I made two. Just waiting to make a third because I figure my sisters won't like it if one of them doesnt get one...

This week as well we got suuuper lost trying to go to a doctor downtown. we took the wrong bus and a ride that should have been 15 minutes took TWO HOURS. So that was fun. Busses are fun.

Next week I promise to take fun pictures and talk more...IM GIVING A TALK NEXT SUNDAY. I bet this one will go better than the one in the mtc. Or in my first month in the field. I think it'll be much better. #progressopesoal


Livre de vírus.

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