Monday, April 25, 2016

The week I forgot how to speak english

Oh my goodness. So I made fun of Sister Davis a ton because when she speaks english she still says her r's like portuguese and its ridiculous and I was like "its impossible to forget english. you cant do that." and then Nycole asked me to teach her to pray in english and I completely and utterly failed. She wanted to say "nos te agradecemos por estar aqui todo juntos" and I was like "well its not we thank thee for to be here, that doesnt make sense. we thank thee for being here? no thats that God is here not that we're here. We thank theebecause we're here together? no..." and finally I gave up and my companion taught her because she still speaks english fluently. I'm still not exactly sure what that should be. I hope that on my first sunday at home no one asks me to say a prayer.

This week was SOOOO HOT and since we're trying to find a ton of new investigators, that meant less teaching and more walking and we got super lost in a sketchy part of town so that was fun. But luckly you just have to say "where's the street São Fransico de Assis" and everyone kind of knows where it is. Or they tell you how to get back to the church. Since everyone knows where it is, why don't they all visit??? But also sometimes they think we're Jehovah's Witnesses and they give up directions to get there and we get more lost. Fun times.

sister Ganuza is super cool and adorable. She's from california but everyone thinks she's from Peru because she's hispanic. No one believes her when she says she's american and she doesnt speak spanish. People keep trying to speak to her in really poor quality spanish.

THIS WEEK ALL MY RECENT CONVERTS RECIEVED THE PRIESTHOOD. Literally that made me so happy. Vinicíus can pass the sacrament now. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

the padawan becomes the master

ok so this week is going to be RIDICULOUSLY short because we have like zero time today because TRANSFERS. So. We got the call last night and I didn't believe it because I STAYED HERE IN SANTOS DUMONT. YESSSSSSSSSSS. Sister Davis got called as a sister training leader (so she's a little scared) and I'm going to finish the training of an american?????? what the heck??? So I'm training a girl that got here a month ago.How?????? 

also literally nothing happened this week because STILL all our investigators said "bye bye dont come back" so yeah that was fun BUT me and this other american chick are gonna rock it and we'll get the work going again!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The week NOTHING went as planned

so this week I literally have nothing to write because we didn't get to work :( My companion got like suuuuuper sick, so all together we had 9 lessons this week...and the goal was almost 30 so that wasn't good!

BUT in terms of new news I'm in a trio until the transfer next week! Sister Benevente from Mexico. She's literally the cutest person I've ever met. She is in an area really close to ours and her companion got transfered without her, so she's staying with us and when a member can go out with her she works in her area but when she can't, she has to stay with us. Literally the most annoying thing you can do to a missionary! But she's tons of fun, and its been good to have her around. When our leader called to ask for our numbers, all 3 of us were feeling a little down because our numbers this week were HORRIBLE so she started a food fight with our sausauge and cuscuz so that we wouldn't stay sad. I would send a picture but I forgot to take one. Also she taught me spanish! Turns out my spanish accent was even worse than I imagined. Thank you Quincy Junior High.

BUT we did have one success this week!!! One of my favorite members of the ward-Dyane-has a little brother (he's 21 lol) who wasn't a member, and she's been trying to baptize this kid for years now and guess what we did this saturday!!! He went to buy a suit this week because from now on he wants to go only in a suit and its kind of adorable because he's super excited. The funniest thing is that he's kind of super shy, and at his baptism someone stood up in front of everyone and wouldnt stop talking about how she think's he's cute so clearly all the girls here will like him and it was clear that he was getting embarassed, poor thing.

I'll try to accomplish more this week so that next week I have more to say ;)

Monday, April 4, 2016

The week I gained a reputation

Ok that makes it sound bad. So. Generally my emails to the president are suuuuuper vague because, like, gotta be formal right? But my last week with Sister Mazetto I was honest with him and said that I was afraid of working with ward leaders because sometimes I get a little bit completely full of rage and this isn't good, right? So then the next week again was super he responded "ah so this week was better? you didnt get super mad at anyone? congrats! just kidding. I wish you the best with this transfer" to which I responded "to be perfectly honest president, Im always angry. But seeing as I'm here serving a mission, trying really hard to be more like christ, no need to worry I still havent opened my mouth while I was full of rage. And my companion is helping me out with this one. With her at my side you don't need to worry that I'll explode any time soon."

I'm not sure why I wrote with so much more personality this week but anyway I sent that and now every time he sees me he calls me ginger/redhead and tells everyone to be careful or I'll blow up and every time something takes a little longer than expected he's like "stay calm! stay caaaaaalm! I know you can do it!! I believe in you!!" So yeah. My president is hilarious and also oops. But like before he never really talked about me and now he is a lot so?? Maybe thats good? I don't even know.

SO this week we found lots of FAMILIES to teach. FINALLY. and its the funniest thing because how we found them was that Wendel is going door to door (almost every single house in this city once housed a member of the church) to find all the less active members, and sometimes instead of members he finds people who are totally waiting for us to teach them! Literally it doesnt even make sense how some of these people were found. but I won't question it! haha.

And general conference was interesting because the 3 kids of an investigator showed up to watch without their parents...after that talk by Eyring Saturday we couldnt very well send them home so they sat with us and colored while we listened.