Monday, March 28, 2016

22 houses, 2 lessons, 1 mission call, 0 sleep

Holidays are officially the worst! NO ONE IS HOME. Literally no one. On Saturday we visited 22 houses and we had 2 lessons the whole day. WHAT. So that was fun. And, as happens every single holiday so far, on Good Friday when no one was home (except the drunks) we read the part in the manual that says "holidays and sundays are the best days to find people at home to teach, so use these days wisely" and Sister Davis and I laughed a lot and agreed that maybe thats true in the US (maybe) but it couldnt be less true here. Clearly God has a sense of humour because I also read that part on New Years. And Christmas. And Carnaval. All the days we accomplished nothing. HA

But we still accomplished some things! We have 2 baptisms lined up for the 9th of april, and both of them WOULD be this week if it weren't for general conference, but we thought it would be weird to have a whole week in between baptism and confirmation. The first is Cleverton, the guy that had that weird dream I mentioned last week, and the other is the 16 year old I've been talking about since I got here in Santos Dumont. She's an ENTIRELY different person now, I don't even believe its the same girl. She was suuuuuuuper sad and thought she didn't deserve to talk to God or go into a church building or anything like that and now she's happy and she's friends with God again and basically the gospel works miracles.

My new DL is Elder Antunes-who was already my DL once. He was the DL that kept grilling me about guess what me and Sister Davis will start this week ;P True to character the first thing he said to me when he arrived was "are you working out Steele!??!?" Thanks to him I'll return to the US super swole. (are the kids still saying that these days? Dang I'm out of touch)

The last hightlight was that Pedro got his mission call right? But here they don't mail it to your house, but to the bishop. So he had no idea, and he was going out with us to teach as always, and a member of the bishopric called me and said "Sister Steele. Don't say my name, what ever you do don't say my name yOU CANT SAY MY NAME OKAY?" and I was like okay???? why??? basically feeling like something out of a spy movie and if I said his name someone with a sniper rifle would shoot me and kill everyone I love I don't know man, I was freaked out. but it was all normal and then he told me Pedro's call arrived and it was my responsibility to get him home at 7:00 for the surprise and like ????? I'm awful with surprises and secrets??? but somehow with all of that, even with him being next to me during this phone call, he didnt know and it was a success! He's headed for Campinas in only a month! There go all our lessons with member present #timeforhisbrothertostepitup 

THANK GOODNESS ITS PDAY I'm dying. Sister Davis and I are having a serious problem. We like each other too much. We're not sleeping! This will be a problem. We need to learn to dislike each other.

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