Wednesday, November 4, 2015

week 5-my last week as a jedi learner

So I left my notes for this email upstairs so this is going to be ALL OVER THE PLACE very sorry!

This week, up until right this moment actually because I forgot while talking to my companion during email time, I HAVENT SPOKEN ENGLISH. We talked a lot about sacrifice on sunday and how much youre blessed when youre willing to give things up, and so Sister Jones and I were talking and realized that the only thing we really can't do properly in portuguese is tell dumb jokes and stories about home. All our basic communication needs we can do in portuguese. So she and I are doing A WEEK LONG english fast because we need a muito grande miracle between now and tuesday if we're going to survive the mission field (thats an exaggeration but actually not). So its been annoying but SO HELPFUL because honestly, the less you speak english the faster you learn and if you 100% refuse to speak english, you're forced to look up other words and keep using those words and then you remember them. So its all good. Seriously, I feel like my portuguese progress has skyrocketed this week. I hope that continues though because today while buying things I understood exactly 1 word the cashiers were saying: debit. And for some reason my card wasnt working so they were saying a lot more words than that and words that I presume were important but I couldnt tell what they were saying. Mas, tudo bem. Its not like the ctm people have been teaching me words that are useful for shopping. So I can't communicate transactions but I am a PRO at talking about the plan of salvation and also saying "are you laughing at me? why are you laughing at me?"

I literally cannot remember anything we did this week! lots of lessons, I presume. Which have been steadily going better and better. I haven't had a lesson where I sat there silently not understanding anything/not able to say anything in a while! Thank goodness for that.

Okay wow I literally cannot remember ANYTHING what did we even do this week??? I suppose it was uneventful because I wasnt speaking this is lame I'm so sorry but I'm out of time and out of things to say already. Tchau?? Love you all??? Até who knows when because I actually don't know when my next pday is. NEXT TIME YOU HEAR FROM ME ILL BE IN THE FIELD

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